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Our History

FX WORX began in 1989 specializing in theatrical pyrotechnics, special effects, props and set design. Making the leap into the film and television industry, FX WORX’s set it sights on special effects coordination, pyrotechnic design and the production of  large scale pyromusical fireworks programs. Upon acquiring P.P.A. Canada, (Performance Pyrotechnics Associates Canada)  the door to this industry opened with state of the art technology and advanced product development which  gave Fx Worx the  perfect opportunity to showcase its’ skills, expertise and production acumen. Fx Worx gained its’ rightful place in the industry as one of the top pyrotechnic companies through their ability to master and soar beyond the challenges of unconventional sights and multiple firing locations. Behind the dazzling lights and spellbinding effects is a safety record unequalled in the pyrotechnic, fireworks and special effects  industry today.