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Fireworks and Special FX Services

Fireworks Pyromusical Design and Production

Nancy Benedict, the principal designer for fireworks and pyromusical displays is accomplished in the design programs Show Director, Finale Fireworks and Show Sim. The firing system of choice is pyrodigital which supports designs to the 1/100th of second.  The designs of our pyromusical and fireworks displays are multi-location firing sites.

Whether your event is a roof top, a field, an arena, a barge or your back yard, we will design and fire a display you will be proud of.

Special Effect Coordination / Supervisor and Designer

Mark Rice is FX Worx’s Pyrotechnics and Special Effects Guru. As a special effects pyrotechnician with inclusions and a fireworks supervisor, Mark covers all areas of the pyrotechnic effects community.  Feature films and television series, TV specials and commercials have been our clients since the beginning.  Special effects and pyrotechnics in these disciplines include explosions, bullet hits, large scale sequences involving flames, rigging, car rolls.

Weapons supply and handling for stunt shows. Special effects for theme parks include design of pyrotechnics, rigging and management of the attraction.

Design & Manufacture

Daily challenges of an FX Coordinator require experimentation, out of the box approaches for effects and the mock up of equipment to achieve the "look". This is where innovative concepts for new spfx equipment are born. At FX Worx, we take the "mock up" to the next step where development and manufacturing are a daily process.

Equipment Repairs and Maintenance

In the beginning, special effects equipment was either home made or very basic. Today the level of sophistication is mind boggling.  As we have grown up in this industry, we have kept up with each and every technological advance. Old school has died hard and moving the pyrotechnics in Canadian film industry from the nail board to a computerized firing system has been fulfilling and challenging.

Our repair and maintenance technicians pride themselves on trouble shooting, repairs and a fast turnaround. We use the equipment ourselves and are quick to determine where the problems can arise.

Local License

Fx Worx employees are available for Local Licensing. Venues include Montreal Bell Centre, Ottawa Scotia Bank Place, Toronto BMO Field, Air Canada Centre, Rogers Center, Hamilton Copps Coliseum, John Labatt Centre London, Ont. to name a few.

Importation / Magazine Storage

Fx Worx maintains licenses for 1.4g,1.3g, and 1.1g magazines as well as importation permits.

Show Design Instruction

Instruction in designing a pyromusical on Show Director Software program -
$750.00 per person per day.

Contact us for detailed course outlines and schedules.

The Fireworks Certification Program Display Fireworks – Overview

The Fireworks Certification Program Pyrotechnics Special Effects – Overview


Our riggers have extensive background and training.  Rock shows in arenas, theme parks, stunt rigging for film and television are just a few of the ongoing jobs for fx worx.

The Paperwork

Fx Worx takes care of all applications and permits required for your event, production or fireworks display. This includes all required documents to the AHJ including site plans, site surveys, lock offs, product lists, insurance, safety procedures and contingency plans. Also, demos for the AHJ are included in our pre production tasks. All paperwork required for importation is also looked after by Fx Worx including ERD reporting.

Transportation of Dangerous goods, by Fx Worx is done within the regulations required by Transport Canada, DOT, MOT and ERD including training and authorization of employees to handle and transport dangerous goods.